Hi guys! We are back with another hotel review!

The hotel we are going to review today is…… Hotel Fort Canning!

Stayed in this hotel a couple of  years back for Thye’s birthday(2018) and I didn’t film any video then so it will be just pictures + whatever I can get from my IG stories for this post. The next few posts should have videos coming right up!

This hotel is on one of our fav staycation list. The only cons about it is that its pretty inaccessible if you do not drive.

The hotel room is pretty decent, we love the bathtub area and it feels like a short getaway as its located on a “hill top”. Also, the deal that I booked with comes with a free lounge access to Tapas and drinks.




Drove out for dinner after that. There is nothing much to eat around the venue, the nearest was Clarke Quay which you have to walk down the hill if you dont drive.

Also, if I didnt remember wrongly, the room does not come with breakfast.

But personally, I like the secluded area cause it felt like a getaway from the hustle & bustle of Singapore.


Overall reviews:

Price: 4/5 ($200-$300+/night?)

Cleanliness: 5/5

Service: 5/5 (they gave a surprise cake to Thye)

Room: 5/5 

Location: 3/5 (1/5 if you dont drive)

Breakfast: 0/5