Staycation Singapore – Hotel Indigo (now known as Hotel Village Katong)

Hi guys!

The second hotel we are going to review today is….. Hotel Indigo! (This was 2017. They had since rebrand into Hotel Village Katong)

There is still no video for this post cause I am doing a backlog for all the hotels we had stayed previously.

I had made a rule that we will not stay back at the same hotel so the $$$ can be spent on a new hotel experience.. I mean why not right?!

So unless we had tried ALL the hotels in Singapore, we will not go back to the same hotel no matter how we like it.

And today’s hotel actually topped our fav list so far! It is in fact Thye’s most fav staycation thus far no kidding!



Firstly, he love it cause of the unique room design and the bathtub area and…. THE LOCATION!

Its right smacked in Katong = accessible to all the awesome food places!!!

Food like Katong Laksa, birds of paradise and many more.. even shopping malls like I12 Katong (then).

Also, they had a Carrom board in the room for us to play if we are bored!



The breakfast spread was good too!! Same as LLoyd’s Inn, the breakfast wasn’t provided by the hotel directly but instead, this was at a cafe connected to the hotel- Babachew.

Although its a set meal style and not buffet- Food is good, spread is good so everything is 100% for this hotel!



Overall reviews:

Price: 5/5

Cleanliness: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Room: 5/5 

Location: 5/5 

Breakfast: 5/5 


*Disclaimer- This review is based on when the hotel is still called Indigo so I have no idea if they changed the breakfast or room style. Do do your own research before the stay!